On the Water Events
Scheduled on the water boating activities is one area where the Great South Bay Power Squadron really shines. The squadron schedules events for the Cruising Boater, the daytrip boater, and slower traveling vessels. It also coordinates near and distant cruising destinations to allow members to join us by land as well.
a. Boating Activities Chairman
On the water activities and events fall under the Squadron Administrative Officer, with a Boating Activity Chairperson proposing a schedule to membership and seeking feedback. The Boating Activities chair finalizes the schedule and communicates through The Spray, membership meeting announcements, cruise planning meetings and email.
b. Cruise Captains
Each boating activity or cruise has a Cruise Captain who co-ordinates pre-trip-planning, reservations, pre-cruise scouting, posting of notices in The Spray and communication to participants. This is a fun and responsible position which allows the Cruise Captain to assist fellow cruisers in having a relaxed and well planned cruising experience. Cruise Captains may volunteer by notifying the Boating Activities Chairperson.